In our final blog we look at piggy health! There are simple checks that you should do at home to […]
Guinea pigs are naturally gregarious creatures who love to eat, chat and doze with each other! Today’s blog is quite […]
Guinea pigs or ‘cavies’ (from their scientific name Cavia porcellus or ‘little pig’ in Latin) are not related to pigs […]
Good housing makes for happier more entertaining piggy pals! Today’s blog focuses on my favourite topic, environment. I keep my […]
The one thing you can say about piggies is that they LOVE their grub! The perfect piggy diet is 80-90% […]
To celebrate the first Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW) volunteer and piggy connoisseur Hannah is taking us deep into her […]
Elai lives with Eli, and has co-cared for a number of furries in the shared house since she moved in […]
Eli has been fostering for the branch for over 5 years. She lives in a shared house and the residents all […]
Diane and Steve have been volunteering for the branch for over a decade. A strange but true fact is that […]
Sharon and her family are collectively (and affectionately) known as ‘Team Richardson’. Together they have helped so very many animals, […]