Volunteers make a huge contribution to the work we do here at RSPCA Manchester and Salford, volunteering with us is an enjoyable and rewarding way of helping animal welfare. All volunteer roles – even those not directly involving animals have a significant impact on animal welfare – support the vital work we do. Please see below a list of volunteer opportunities available with RSPCA Manchester and Salford.

Volunteering with us is a great way to meet like-minded people who share the same enthusiasm for animal welfare. There are lots of other benefits too, such as:
• gaining new skills or developing existing ones
• the chance to try out something new
• doing something useful and rewarding
• gaining a sense of achievement
• putting something back into the community
• developing your personal skills and confidence

Volunteer Roles

There are many volunteer roles available with RSPCA Manchester and Salford, see which one would suit your skills or fit in with your current schedule. 

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - General Centre Volunteer

General Centre Volunteer

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - End of Day Volunteer

End of Day Volunteer

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Cattery Assistant - Paul - portrait

Animal Socialiser

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Animal Care Assistant

Animal Care Assistant

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Retail Volunteer - Kira

Retail Volunteer

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Volunteer Fosterer - Mark

Foster Carer

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Office Support Volunteer - Nina

Office Support Volunteer

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Trustee - Kirsen


Volunteer with us! 

Who can volunteer and how to apply.