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At RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch, volunteers are the heart of our mission. Every role you take on, whether it involves direct animal care or not, plays a crucial role in enhancing animal welfare. As part of our team, you’ll contribute to transforming the lives of mistreated animals.

Our Furry Friends

Our animals are our top priority. As a volunteer, you become a vital part of our compassionate approach to delivering a high standard of care. From cats, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents, we continuously strive to enhance the experience our animals receive whilst in our care.

Making a Difference

We’re dedicated to looking after the most mistreated animals in our area; ones that have been rescued by National RSPCA officers. Volunteering here means witnessing the incredible transformations these animals undergo. We admit over 500 animals yearly, helping them to find their paws, their forever homes and leave their past behind. Some may require foster care or special attention, and your support matters every step of the way.

When you volunteer with us, you’re not just joining a team – you’re becoming part of a compassionate community. Enjoy personal growth, try new things, and contribute to a meaningful cause.

Who Can Join?

  • We welcome volunteers aged 18 and above at our animal centre and shops, or in the role of trustee. Guardians must accompany 16 to 18-year-olds and vulnerable adults for practical, safe-guarding reasons.
  • We can offer students aged 16 and above work placements provided it is part of a college course.
  • We can offer one-off volunteering days on a Wednesday for employees engaged in CSR programmes through their workplace.

Time Commitment

Animal centre volunteers dedicate 2 to 3 hours per shift, on a consistent day and time. Our shops offer flexible schedules, where your passion can shine through various activities. Trusteeship involves attendance at the board meeting on the third Tuesday of each month on an evening with accompanying preparatory reading and research where relevant. Additional contributions in all voluntary roles is appreciated but not required.

Benefits Await

Volunteering is a journey of self-discovery and giving back. Gain skills, try new experiences, and enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive impact.

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