Animal Centre Vacancies

We have a variety of volunteer roles at the animal centre for people aged 18 or over who can make a regular commitment.

Please drop us an email at with the days and times of your availability and preferred activity and we will let you know what we have available.

Retail roles 
Flexible days and times available at all the shops

Chorlton – Mon to Sat
Didsbury – 7 days a week
Northern Quarter – 7 days a week
Withington – Mon to Sat
Urmston – Tue to Sat

Please email our Branch Manager directly at:

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - VOLUNTEER - Sharon

General Centre Volunteer
Enhancing Animal Welfare

The General Centre Volunteer role is integral to the well-being of our animals. The role involves a diverse range of activities, including helping us to maintain a clean animal centre, preparing for new arrivals, providing animal care, completing observation charts, welcoming visitors and socialising with the animals.

The role offers fulfilling moments, from witnessing animals flourish as a result of our care and attention, to observing their unique personalities develop. Volunteers play a pivotal role in building trust with the animals, witnessing their growth week by week and preparing them for potential adoption.

This role offers rewarding moments, from witnessing animals flourish to observing their unique personalities develop. General Centre Volunteers play a pivotal role in providing a safe, clean environment where animals can recover, recuperate, and grow week by week in preparation for adoption.”

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - End of Day Volunteer

End of Day Volunteer
Providing Comfort and Care

As an End of Day Volunteer at RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch, the focus is on getting everyone settled for the evening. This involves teatime feeds and medications, tidying up their enclosures and offering the interaction they desire. Each animal has distinct needs and preferences, ranging from social engagement to personal space. Gaining insight into their behaviours during this shift is crucial for effective care.

Establishing a rapport with each animal before attending to feeding and cleaning routines is essential. This rapport-building goes beyond promoting animal socialisation; it forms the basis for understanding their individual requirements. A key responsibility is recording details on observation sheets, encompassing the animal’s welfare, level of engagement, and specific needs. Sharing these observations with staff facilitates team awareness and informed decision-making for each animal’s well-being, tailored care plan and future rehoming requirements.

The teatime shift provides a unique opportunity to unwind at day’s end, shifting your focus from daily life to the exclusive well-being of our animals. Through this role, you’ll develop skills in administering medication, tending to wounds, and better understanding of animal needs and behaviour, enriching your experience further.”

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Cat Socialiser Volunteer

Animal socialiser
Enriching Lives and Building Trust

The Animal Socialiser role is centred around nurturing trust and enhancing the lives of the animals in our care, by establishing connections on the animals’ terms. Volunteer socialisers dedicate their time within the animals’ environment to provide positive experiences of human contact.

The role can involve a range of activities, from using play or treats to win over animals, to building trust through patience, crafting inventive enrichment toys or simply offering a lap for them to sit on! All of which offers essential engagement and mental stimulation, enriching their experience while they await their new homes.

The role provides an immersive experience with the animals and will deepen your understanding of individual animal’s needs, raise awareness about animal welfare and a greater insight into animal rescue work.

This role celebrates the connection forged between volunteers and animals, enriching the lives of both parties and creating a sense of accomplishment.

Fiona - RSPCA Manchester rand Salford - volunteer

Retail Volunteer Role
Connecting with People

As a Retail Volunteer, your focus is on connecting with people. From serving customers, preparing stock or even setting up displays, there’s room for your creative touch by making the shop inviting and memorable for everyone who visits.

If you love interacting with people, this role lets you form friendships with the team and our regular customers, which is truly rewarding. Volunteering in one of our shops gives you a sense of accomplishment, boosts your confidence, and lets you try out activities and learn new skills.

The Retail Volunteer role brings together friendly interactions, creative contributions, and personal growth, making a positive difference for you, our community and of course our animals!

Volunteer fosterer - RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch

Animal Foster Carer Role
Nurturing and Learning

As an Animal Foster Carer, you’ll encounter a variety of different characters, each with their unique traits and needs. The role’s rewards extend to witnessing these individual personalities emerge and experiencing their playful, endearing sides, creating a profound sense of fulfilment.

Guiding an animal toward embracing a loving environment can be both gratifying and challenging, requiring your dedication and patience.

The farewell moments as cats find new homes might carry a bittersweet tinge, yet the knowledge that you’ve played a pivotal role in their well-being brings an undeniable sense of satisfaction.

Through this role, you’ll gain insights into animal behaviour, refine your observation skills, and deepen your understanding of their welfare requirements.

Being an Animal Foster Carer offers a blend of nurturing, learning, and heartwarming moments, resulting in a positive impact on the lives of these animals and the families they become a part of.

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Office Support Volunteer - Nina

Office Support Volunteer Role
Assisting Behind the Scenes

The Office Support Volunteer role involves contributing to the centre operations while witnessing the progress and impact achieved for animals under the care of the branch. The role includes preparing animal adoption papers, data inputting, general administrative tasks, and ensuring adequate resources for the animal care activities. The process of preparing adoption paperwork carries a sense of sending animals off to their happy forever homes. There is a rewarding feeling of witnessing the journeys of animals from their arrival to their eventual rehoming. The work really underscores the vital role the centre plays for animals in need, plus the opportunity to spend quality time with animals after office duties is an added perk!

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Trustee - Mark

Charity Trustee Role
Guiding Animal Welfare through Governance

As a Charity Trustee, you hold a crucial position in ensuring effective governance and strategic direction for the welfare of rescued animals. Your contribution is to provide leadership and oversight, as a board of trustees, to uphold the branch’s mission.

While a passion for, animals remains fundamental, your role as a Trustee emphasises the importance of business management skills in areas such as finance, marketing, IT, human resources and more. Your expertise contributes to shaping and guiding the branch as you actively participate in decision-making processes that influence our service delivery. Collaborating with fellow trustees, staff, and volunteers, you shape the framework that ensures animals receive the care they deserve.

Volunteering as a Trustee enriches your understanding of governance structures, strategic planning, and collaborative leadership. Beyond the satisfaction of making a tangible impact, you’ll acquire insights into how a charitable organisation operates, learning from experienced professionals in various fields.

By becoming a Trustee, you not only advocate for animals but also engage in a profound learning journey that equips you with valuable governance skills applicable across different contexts.