Our vision is that every small animal in Salford and Manchester will be safe and in a happy home. Please help us by giving a donation today. 

Make a Donation

It’s quick and easy to make a donation, you can make a one-off donation online or set up a direct debit. Remember we can’t function without public donations, it costs £50,000 per month to run the branch.

How your donation will be spent


microchip an animal


vaccinate a rabbit


primary course of vaccinations for a cat/kitten


neuter a female cat

Other ways you can help

Everything you need to know about fundraising for us

Use a birthday or wedding to help us 

Give a special gift in memory of a loved person or animal

An easy convenient way to give to the charity while you shop

We always need help at the rehoming centre and in our charity shops

Donate items for our shops to sell