White rabbit in sitting position, next to food bowls

Meet Cher, a resilient bunny who defied the odds stacked against her. Rescued from a cramped hutch alongside her male companion, Cher’s initial condition was dire. With a wet nose, watery eyes, and a neglected water bottle blackened with mould, her future looked uncertain. Tragically, her companion suffered from chronic dental disease and couldn’t be saved, but Cher persevered.

Under the care of the RSPCA inspector who rescued her, Cher began her journey to recovery. After weeks of living in clean, comfortable surroundings, where she benefitted from fresh hay and greens daily and a play in a  garden, Cher transformed into a new bunny. Eager to greet visitors with a hop and a nuzzle, she embraced every opportunity for treats and affection. The freedom to explore the garden brought her immense joy, as she revelled in her new-found freedom and darting among the flower beds—a stark contrast to her previous life of confinement.

Rabbit xray
Kidney stone

When Cher was eventually surrendered by her owner for rehoming, she was handed over to us at the RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch’s animal centre, to begin her journey to a forever home. However, just before her adoption, a sudden health crisis threatened her newfound happiness. Cher began passing blood in her urine, prompting an urgent trip to the vet. The diagnosis was staggering—a massive bladder stone obstructing her urethra, requiring immediate surgery. Thankfully, after successful surgery and two weeks recovery, Cher was finally able to start a new chapter of her life, hopping off to bond with a new companion; we are filled with hope for a match made in heaven. 

White rabbit

Cher’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of compassion and support. It’s because of supporters like you that animals like Cher are given a second chance at life, love, and happiness at our animal centre. Thank you for being a part of Cher’s story and for helping us make miracles happen, one precious life at a time with our Raise Raise the Roof Crowdfunder.


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