Diane and Steve have been volunteering for the branch for over a decade. A strange but true fact is that all their foster guinea pigs have been big Liverpool FC supporters and enjoyed watching matches on the TV with them. Here, Diane tells us about her fostering experiences:

How long have you been fostering and what species do you foster?

We’ve been fostering just over two years we’ve fostered rabbits (just the one) and guinea pigs. 
What have you learnt?
No two guinea pigs are the same, each has its own personality and after a few weeks even the shyest arrivals will come out of their shell when there is food around.
Tell us about your funniest experience fostering
Our funniest experience has been when Flo, our chequered grey giant rabbit whom we were initially fostering at the time, terrified a door to door salesman who wanted to tarmac our drive. He ran off muttering "jesus missus, what is that!"
What has been your greatest heartbreak?
Our saddest experience was when Freddie and his sister (Guinea Pigs) were born but his sister didn’t make it.  Freddie grew into an amazing little piggy and it was really sad when he left for his new home.  
What is the best thing about fostering?
The best thing about fostering is getting to meet all the different personalities, and knowing that wherever they have come from they will be going to a good home.
How many foster fails have you got?
Our only fostering fails was Flo as we ended up keeping her, she made such an impression on us we couldn’t let her go.

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