In our last blog post we told you all about our guinea pig explosion at the branch after we stepped in to help a large rescue of 140! Since that post, rehoming has finally begun with several lucky piggies already in their new homes. We are asking for your help with finding an extra special home for three very special piggies.

Feta (L) and Bobo (R)
Meet Oreo, Bobo and Feta. Oreo came into our care in February as part of this large rescue. In March she gave birth to four little ones. It soon became clear to their foster mum that Bobo and Feta had special needs – sadly they had been born without eyes. At first we thought they might not survive but several weeks later they have continued to thrive despite their disability. Now we need your help to find a wonderful person to adopt this ready made family.
Bobo is a gorgeous light brown agouti piggy with a white crest on her forehead whilst Feta is a lovely mix of ginger and white. Their mum Oreo is mostly black with a few flashes of ginger just like Feta.
The baby girls don’t require any specialist care, our exotic vet has suggested that their adopter gives their eye area a quick wipe with cotton wool once at day. This is very easy to do and their foster mum does this in the morning after breakfast. Apart from this they aren’t as delicate as you may think, as this video of Oreo not sharing shows!
Cucumber wars!
The family are looking for an indoor home, ideally a C&C set up 6×2 to replicate how they live in their foster home at the moment. The baby girls are a little slower due to their lack of sight but otherwise they act like any other piggy! The find safety in their mum’s company and follow her (and each other) around in a piggy train – it’s adorable!
You can read the girls full write up here

If you can offer them an indoor forever home please get in touch via email The team will be more than happy to answer any queries you have. They also will provide full guidance in regards to housing, diet and vet care.

We also have many other guinea pigs available for adoption including single females looking to join existing herds, single baby boys looking for an adult male to pair with and pairs looking for homes together or joining others. See them all here and just a few below…

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