Make a Donation

It’s quick and easy to make a donation to help our animals! You can make a one-off donation online or set up a direct debit. Remember we can’t function without public donations, it costs £50,000 per month to run the branch.

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RSPCA Manchester and Salford - Cat family

How your donation will be spent


microchip an animal


tub of substitute milk to feed an orphaned kitten


vaccinate a rabbit


primary course of vaccinations for a cat/kitten


neuter a female cat


neuter a female rabbit

Free ways you can help


We always need help at the rehoming centre and in our charity shops

Old Newspapers

Collect newspapers for our animals at the centre

Donate Items to Our Shops

Donate items for our shops to sell


Make crafts for us to raise money

Shop Online

Select us as your charity with certain online retailers and we receive a donation every time you shop

Leaving a Legacy Donation

If you are thinking about leaving a legacy to help continue the vital work done by the RSPCA you may wish to consider leaving an amount specifically to assist in the care and protection of animals in your home area.

In the past the Manchester & Salford Branch has received both small and larger legacy donations and this generosity has made a real difference to our ability to undertake a range of activities to improve the quality of the lives of animals in the local area.

If you want to remember your local RSPCA branch in your Will, please follow these steps:
• Specify the amount to be given
• Specify the name of the Branch to which you wish to leave money, e.g. Manchester and Salford Branch of the RSPCA
• Specify the Registered Charity Number of the Branch, RSPCA Manchester and Salford Registered Charity Number is 232255

Enquiries about the possibility of leaving money in a Will are welcome from individuals and solicitors.