Adoption Fee: £50 per rabbit, £90 for a pair of rabbits

Rehoming criteria: in each animal’s profile we specify the type of home they are looking for.
Please ensure you meet the criteria before applying, this is especially important with regards to accommodation and whether they need to be housed indoors or out.

Please note we do not have a blanket policy on property locations, as we assess each animal and their needs individually. If you are unsure of the suitability of your property location then please drop us an email.

We do not rehome guinea pigs and rabbits to live together.

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How we get our rabbits ready for adoption

During their stay all rabbits:
Receive an initial entry health check and weigh in
General health check by an exotic vet specialist within 7 days of arrival and vaccinated
Rabbits receive one vaccination that covers VHD1, VHD2 and myxomatosis that lasts 12 months
Neutered and microchipped.
If a bunny is too young to be neutered prior to adoption the branch will contribute up to £100 towards the cost of having this done at the adopter’s vet, or cover the full cost if the op is done at the branch’s designated vets.
• Re-educated to eat a natural diet of fresh meadow hay (from bales), timothy hay, kiln dried grass and leafy green vegetables. On a daily basis we offer the bunnies one of the following ‘treats: Fibafirst, hay cookies & small scoop of pellets.
Given panomec treatment for mites/fleas if required.
Health checked by staff/foster carers weekly.
Seen a vet within 3 months of being released for rehoming. This means if a rabbit is a long stay they will have recently seen a vet, for ours and yours reassurance.

Housing Ideas

When it comes to housing rabbits we need to ensure we meet their needs round the clock. Gone are the days of housing rabbits in cages or hutches alone, even if it is just overnight to ‘keep them safe’. This is because to truly give a rabbit a life worth living they need access to exercise space 24/7, so they can move freely and experience pleasure in their surroundings when they are most naturally active (dawn, dusk and overnight).

Fundamentally you need plenty of space to care for a rabbit, whether that be indoors or out. This video demonstrates how an indoor set up can be achieved for under £60 – view video

Here are some indoor set ups in use. These rabbits also get time out of their designated area, which is crucial for maintaining both a physically and emotionally healthy rabbit. NB rabbits need places to hide and this can be achieved with cardboard boxes, a hutch or cage is not necessary.

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - rabbit housing - indoor
RSPCA Manchester and Salford - rabbit housing - indoor 2

When thinking about outdoor housing for rabbits consider how you will be able to spend time with them when it is cold and raining. The cheapest option is to use an existing structure like a shed, garage or out-house providing it has plenty of natural light. Housing in a hutch and run restricts interaction and how much time you can spend with them throughout the year. NB avoid bringing rabbits inside during winter to prevent them from experiencing extreme temperature changes, which can potentially cause shock and gut stasis.

We hope the images below inspire you to think how you can have a relationship all year round if your rabbits live outdoors.

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - rabbit housing -Outdoor
RSPCA Manchester and Salford - rabbit housing -Converted garage
RSPCA Manchester and Salford - rabbit housing - Converted shed and run attached
Wendy house and run attached
RSPCA Manchester and Salford - rabbit housing - Custom built
RSPCA Manchester and Salford - rabbit housing - Converted outbuilding

Bunny Bonding

• Foster for adoption scheme for Greater Manchester residents
Bespoke programme of support tailored to you, your rabbits and your environment
Bunny bonding step by step guide that talks you through the process, what to expect and how to manage different scenarios
7 days a week access to expert help, including understanding rabbit behaviour and video diagnostics and visual support aids
• Equipment loan, such as indoor pens or outdoor runs

Request a copy of our bunny bonding guide, email: