We could not run the centre without the help of these angels. You can be doing anything from sitting with a timid animal, to folding laundry or setting up pens for new arrivals. It is a diverse role and ideal for people who have a good eye for detail and take pride in their work!

We are currently recruiting for this role
Weekdays, Sundays between 11.30am and 5.30pm


General Centre Volunteer

How long have you been volunteering for RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch?
I have been volunteering for the branch for 4 years, I helped with getting the adoption centre ready for opening in June/July 2019 and have been helping twice a week ever since.

What does your role involve?
My role at the centre is a bit of everything. Socialising with all the animals, cleaning pens, feeding, completing the observation charts, medicating, assisting with health checks. I do some general cleaning around the centre, sorting laundry, plus anything else that might be required on the day. I also photograph animals that are due to be rehomed.

What are the highlights of the role you do?
Seeing the animals blossom from the socialising, watching their characters develop and them becoming ready for adopting. For their first week the cat or rabbit stays hidden and then gradually over the week or next week they come to you. Also when kittens are born at the Centre and seeing them grow.

What are the challenges of your role?
Making sure you don’t get weed on when socialising a guinea pig! Being able to get out of the pen without a cat or bunny escaping. Another challenge is the emotion when sadly the outcome is not good. The biggest challenge is not having enough hours to be able to spend more time at the rescue centre.

What do you get out of volunteering?
This is tricky, I suppose I’ve learnt to sit amongst poo and wee without freaking out. I also get a good feeling knowing I’m just a little cog in an amazing group helping these animals. I’ve also made some crazy new friends.

Have you gained any skills and/or knowledge from your volunteering?
Before volunteering I’d only ever had cats as pets. I’ve learnt an awful lot about rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice. I’ve gone from being a cat lover, which I still am, to a bunny lover having adopted two from the branch. I’ve learnt how to medicate rabbits and guinea pigs. How to tell when a rabbit is getting frisky and move out of the pen quickly! Understanding that rabbits are good at hiding pain and how you need to watch for changes. What different styles of poo mean, the list goes on.

If someone was thinking about joining the team what would you tell them?
It is so worth doing. Yes, there will be times when the outcome is not good for one of the animals, but knowing you’ve given them time and care for however long they are at the Centre is a good feeling. The team is absolutely amazing and is there to help and support you. Don’t be afraid to ask and if you feel something is not right with an animal speak to them straight away. I’ve done it on numerous occasions and most of the time it’s nothing but on that one occasion you might just be saving a life.

How much time do I need to commit to the role?
To benefit the centre and yourself you need to commit to at least 2 hours a shift, on the same day(s) each week.

RSPCA Manchester and Salford - VOLUNTEER - Sharon

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